Recreational Marijuana is Legal in Arizona – Prop 207

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Recreational Marijuana is Legal in Arizona – Prop 207

In November’s election, the people of Arizona voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Now, as of Friday the 22nd, recreational marijuana is legal in Arizona. Sales began only 80 days after the election and 54 days after the bill was certified. 

This law (Proposition 207) is still very new to Arizona’s citizens. We at Saienni Law, P.C. make it a priority to answer your legal questions to the best of our ability. We’re proud to keep you updated with any and all new information. 

Proposition 207 – The Smart and Safe Arizona Act 

Almost two million Arizona residents—60% of the population—voted “yes” to Proposition 207 in November. Prop 207 is also known as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act (SSAA), a title that encourages safe recreational drug use. 

The law legalizes the possession of recreational marijuana to any individual 21 years of age or older—provided the individual is in possession of no more than 1 ounce of marijuana, and/or no more than 5 grams of concentrated marijuana. It also legalizes the transport, sales, and growing of marijuana, with a few exceptions. 

Here are the answers to other questions you may have about Proposition 207.

Who Can Purchase Recreational Marijuana in AZ? 

As stated earlier, anyone over 21 can purchase marijuana. 

Note that you no longer need a medical card to purchase marijuana. For anyone over 21, a valid US license will do. However, with a medical card, you still have access to physician-approved cannabinoid treatment. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about obtaining or using medical marijuana.

Where Can I Purchase Marijuana? 

As of today, 73 dispensaries are open throughout the state of Arizona. In order to legally operate, a marijuana dispensary must have a valid dispensary license. Without this license, no one can legally sell.

Can I Grow My Own? 

You may legally grow your own marijuana, but only 6 plants if you’re the only adult in the house. If you live with two or more adults, you may grow up to 12. In order for this to be legal, however, you can only grow for your own usage. If you want to sell, you must apply for a dispensary or establishment license. 

Where Can I Consume Recreational Marijuana in AZ? 

You are not allowed to smoke marijuana in public. The wisest choice is to consume marijuana in a private residence only.

Can I Share Marijuana with Other Adults?

In short, yes—but unless you have a valid dispensing license, you may not sell it. Proposition 207 states that an adult may transfer up to 1 ounce or 6 plants to another adult. However, it must be done privately, and no money may be exchanged.  

Can I Still Get in Trouble for Driving After Smoking Marijuana? 

Absolutely! Driving under the influence of any substance makes you susceptible to DUI charges. As with alcohol, only consume marijuana in a safe environment. Never drive while high!  

How Much Does Marijuana Cost?

The price of marijuana varies upon the strain, as well as the dispensary. Note that with Proposition 207 comes a 16% sales tax on all marijuana products.

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Although the laws surrounding marijuana have changed, we at Saienni Law, P.C. still encourage you to be safe and stay within the law when you partake. If you decide to buy or use recreational marijuana in AZ, use discretion. Do not do so in public, and do not drive under the influence. 

If you have any more questions about your right to purchase or use recreational marijuana in AZ, give us a call. 

Image by Manish Panghal on Unsplash.