Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

You’ve probably heard the term “criminal defense attorney.” However, you may not understand exactly what that means or when you might need one. There are so many different kinds of lawyers and practice areas out there and it can be difficult to keep track of their various roles.

What is a criminal defense attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is a specific type of attorney who defends individuals that have been charged with a crime, in a court of law. If you have been charged with a crime, you can either hire a defense attorney yourself or have an attorney appointed to you by the court system.

When do you need a criminal defense lawyer?

An experienced defense attorney like Joe Saienni knows the ins and outs of arguing in a court case, giving you the best chance of a positive outcome. We can help you with any charges you may be facing, from drug possession or sexual assault to manslaughter and anything in between. Joe has appeared in hundreds of cases and has been lead counsel in dozens of trials throughout Arizona. His case list regularly includes cases in federal courts, county superior courts, city courts and justice courts throughout Arizona.

What does a defense lawyer do?

Defense lawyers have a number of duties, both in and out of the courthouse. Here are just some of the responsibilities you can expect your defense lawyer to carry out:

Discuss your case. We will ask you relevant questions about the case in order to get important information to form your defense.

Investigate. This involves interviewing police officers, witnesses, and experts. We will also review the case presented by the prosecution.

Examine evidence. We will examine all evidence thoroughly, determining how it will affect the trial and the perceptions of jurors. The evidence may be tested by an independent party to figure out whether it can help or hurt your case.

Negotiate a settlement or proceed to trial. With the investigation completed, we will present the prosecutor with problems they face obtaining a conviction at trial and attempt to get the matter dismissed or reduced significantly. The process of plea bargaining is a negotiation between the prosecution and defense attorneys.

Hire an experienced Phoenix defense attorney!

With an experienced defense attorney like Joe, a deal can often be made with the prosecutor, which generally results in less prison time, smaller fines, and reduced sentences. If an acceptable plea agreement cannot be achieved, the case will proceed to trial.

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